Service Plumber

So, You Wanna Join the Best?

Maybe it’s because you are the best.

You’ve been helping people with their plumbing for years, and you could probably do this in your sleep. But you wouldn’t. You’re smarter than that. ;)

You’re looking at this because you’re ready for a change.

We can help. We'll pay you more, celebrate your success, and welcome you right into the Morris-Jenkins family.

When can you start?

What You’re Looking For

Morris-Jenkins has won awards as the Top Workplace in the USA in 2021, and Top Workplace in Charlotte in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020. Image shows a female technician by an HVAC unit with the award badges in the foreground.

Now's your chance to join the best team around! What are you waiting for?

You won’t have a boss yelling at you here. Instead, you’ll be shown respect, kindness, and support. Here, it feels like family because it is family. That’s why our employees voted Morris-Jenkins as the Charlotte Observer’s “Top Workplace” in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020. We even won Top Workplace USA in 2021!

You’ll get ongoing training, and never-ending encouragement. Sure, you’ll have your own truck (and gas card), and you’ll run a lot of jobs on your own. But that never means you’re alone. You’ll have a huge team to support you—they’re only a phone call away.

You’re used to being busy, and it can be hard to find time for the little chores in life. Let us take something off your plate! We’ll give you free uniforms and even wash them for you.

You’ll have year-round stability, plenty of paid time off, and 7 paid holidays. Not only that, but we offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Long & Short-Term Disability, Accident AND Life Insurance, a Flexible Spending Account, and a 401(k) Retirement Plan.

Remind me… why haven’t you applied yet?

Morris-Jenkins plumber standing proud in front of his van

Your Day-to-Day

As a Service Plumber, every day will be a new adventure. From water heater repairs to repairing fixtures, you’ll keep busy year-round.

You’re good with people. When you’re around, they feel like everything is going to work out! We love that about you.

We Wanna Celebrate You

Throughout the year, we recognize people for their great work. I have no doubt we’ll be celebrating you soon!

When you go above and beyond, we bring attention to your good deeds during the weekly meetings. We even have an annual banquet with awards and bonuses for top performers!

Every year, we also have a fiesta to celebrate Mr. Jenkins’s birthday! Trust us, you’ve never seen so much guacamole in your life.

Throughout the year, you’ll enjoy company breakfasts that are gigantorious (we’re making that word up. “Giant” doesn’t do them justice). You can smell the bacon from the parking lot.

Wait… You Still Haven’t Applied Yet?

You know you belong here, so what are you waiting for?

I’ll see you at the next big company breakfast!

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